Mister Paul

Our objective is to assist anybody who is a native speaker to locate English teaching opportunities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. offers English language teaching positions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are teachers ourselves currently working in Saudi Arabia and we are in the unique position of being able to put our teachers in the picture with regard to schools, academies, universities and English language institutions. I’m sure you’ll agree that many recruitment consultants simply don’t have enough first hand knowledge or experience of Saudi Arabia to be able to offer EFL/ESL teachers a credible, reliable service and that’s where comes in.

I have taught English in various locations in both Al Baha and Riyadh since 2010. Contracts of Employment are one of the many facets of our business that we are asked about and we always try to ensure that teachers pay rates are competitive within the market but not necessarily excessive. We endeavour to make effective use of our teachers’ abilities by ensuring teaching jobs here are suited to the particular applicant and that workloads are achievable; in this regard, we like to feel that teachers are neither over-stretched nor under-utilised as we make the most of teachers’ individual skills. We seek to maintain the correct number of English teachers within locations that are best suited to their particular skills i.e. Business English, TOEFL, English for Special Purposes or whatever else the client requires.

We try and establish a mix of staff at each location wherever the project operates from inside of the kingdom. We endeavour to secure clients who like to keep on good terms with their teaching staff as it helps to promote teamwork and ultimately avoids unnecessary disputes. We strive to ensure timely and honest communication with teachers and clients and the sensitive handling of any potential problems which may arise from time to time.

As recruitment consultants we are obliged to adhere to all relevant Saudi Arabia’s  Ministry of Labour Laws.

Esl Recruit is something of a double edged sword, it is our intention to provide qualified English teaching staff to clients and also to provide opportunities to the applicants who apply through us. This relates to a lot of responsibility on our part and it is a task that we take very seriously indeed.

At the end of the day we want our teachers to be happy in the knowledge that they can count on us to be available for consultations with them regardless of any issues they may have.






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