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Hail City

Don’t miss the chance to visit the city of Ha’il, where you will discover an ancient civilization that still lives on through the city’s antiquities
Dammam is the regional capital of the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. This is home to a vast sea, beautiful beaches and excellent fishing spots

The Sea, the islands, the mountain and the plains are the basics of diversity in Jazan. All these provide visitor varied elements of picturesque nature to enjoy

This is the heart of the Islamic world, and one of the most sacred lands on the earth.

Unaizah is the oldest city in Qassim Province, and it is the land of farms, orchards, and abundant water

Known for its cool, mild climate, fog and immense mountains, Abha City is the bride of the south and the administrative center of the Aseer Province

Yanbu features some of the most beautiful beaches that are caressed by sunlight and coral reefs, painting very unique and rarely seen landscape. It is a city of culture and industry that competes with other great cities of the world.

It is the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf and the Bride of the Eastern Province. Al Khobar is distinguished for its thriving business centers, making it the most beautiful city on the Arabian Gulf.

Riyadh city is modern and diverse. It is characterized by golden sand dunes, modern shopping malls…
Al Baha

Al Baha, rich with natural resources and a delightful tourism destination, is known for its cool weather and natural diversity. Its charm lies in the architectural heritage, folk arts, crafts, heritage and industrial buildings.

It is called the City of Roses, as you can smell the fragrance of roses from neighboring orchards. Famous for its salubrious climate

Here is where your adventure begins. Buraidah is a beautiful city and you will be amazed with its diversity

Najran is a city filled with incredible examples of archeology, history and civilization, providing the visitor with an endless diversity of attractions and activities

A city well known for its diverse cultures, breathtaking beaches, traditional souks reflecting the local customs, attractive folklore and mouthwatering traditional dishes.

This is the home of the sea, the snow, the magnificent coastline, sunny islands with luxurious coral reefs
Jubbat Ha’il
Hail’s climate is continental. Day temperatures are very warm and can reach an average of
Farasan Island
It is an all-around spectacular Island with its moderate and variant weather that clears the mind and fascinates the eyes. It can be visited all the year round given its moderate weather in both winter and summer
Al-Ahsa Oasis
An oasis of dates and renowned springs, and the greenest place in the eastern part of Saudi, Al-Ahsa Oasis has more than one million and a half palm trees and the largest palm tree oasis in the world
Wadi Hanifah
It is a large park offering numerous areas for recreation and having a great time given the natural landscapes, trees and a water channel with a continuous flow.
The capital city of the first Saudi state and the Kingdom’s reflection mirroring power and pride.
Dhee Ayn
Who does not enjoy the scent of fresh basil and enjoy seeing the shades of lemon? Who does not enjoy the colors of nature? When you visit Dhee Ayn
Al-Hijaz Railroad
You will witness the true meaning of solidity in the formation and foundation of this railway, which tells the tales and adventures it has experienced.
Alola & Mada’en Saleh
Perched atop a portion of the land draped in a ring of sandy mountains offering captivating views, visitors find themselves entering Madain Saleh amid a series of interlocking mountains and rocky cliffs
Historic Jeddah
Old Jeddah has been an open museum for the generations. Its heritage conveys the history of Jeddah.
Jazan Region

Jazan is called as the nature’s treasure and the Pearl of the South and a place of generosity, kindness, and finest hospitality.
Al-Baha Region

سحر الطبيعة والمركز الاداري لمنطقة الباحة، تزدهر بها الموارد السياحية والطبيعية فمناخها معتدل عليل والتنوع الطبيعي مسيطر عليها، فسحرها يكمن في التراث العمراني والفنون الشعبية والحرف والصناعات والمباني التراثية.
Ha’il Region

This is the heart and center of Arab generosity and hospitality. It is the birthplace of famous poet Hatem Atta’ee, the fruit of Aja Mountains
Aseer Region

The diversity of terrain in the Aseer province is reflected in its towering mountains, flat plains and beautiful seacoasts, each rich with the vibrant colors of their own natural settings
Al Jouf

Al Jouf is an olive oil resort, its air filled with the fragrance of olive trees. It is the home of biodiversity and sure to satisfy your aspirations for cultural heritage and authentic handicrafts.
Qassim Region

Qassim Province is rich in heritage, nature, and traditional handicrafts, and its geographical location makes it the hub of diverse cultures and various festivals
Riyadh Region

Riyadh, with its beauty and charm, joy and glory is the meeting point of the homeland, and it is the pinnacle of nobility
Tabouk Region

The Tabuk region is a popular destination for tourists seeking a distinctive sea and beach vacation. Breathtaking beaches
Al-Madina Al-Munawarah

Al Madina is the administrative center of the province as well as most important Islamic city. It is a city of peace and tranquility
Eastern Province

Eastern Province is home to most of the oil production in Saudi Arabia. Located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like a jewel with bright colors
Najran Region

Najran is a seat of history and civilization that holds a rich and enduring historical diversity. Najran city is the administrative center of Najran Province
Northern Boarders Region

The Northern Borders is a land filled with rich history and endless adventure. It is known as the home of hunting in the wilderness with hawks, and for its archaeological and historical landmarks, natural parks and beautiful suburbs.

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Discover Saudi Arabia, where the Kingdom is replete with diversity of heritage, culture, and excellent natural sites.   It is the home of Arabian culture, hospitality, authentic traditions and customs.

Saudi Arabia is blessed with vast areas, unique geographic location and an unceasing presence in the heart of civilizations and history.  All these factors give Saudi Arabia a clear edge over progress and modernity.  Get an opportunity to learn about its desert, oases, tall mountains and the surrounding seas. Enter into the world of fantasy hugging its ancient castles and contemporary palaces, and you will find the stamp of major civilizations that have carved the history of the region.

Dear tourist, explore the Saudi regions, visit their cities and towns and see the most beautiful sites located around that are worth visiting for adventure.  Embark on the most exciting tourist tracks, where you will have many opportunities to participate in the local events and festivals.

Unique Tourism Experiences

Unique Tourism Experiences

Saudi Arabia gives you a number of unique tourism experiences.

They include, mountain climbing, cycling on the winding roads under the shading trees, diving into the magnificent coral reefs.

Camping on the golden sand of the desert under beautiful moonlit nights, surrounded by silhouetting mountains and hills, will be a memorable experience.

Live Saudi Arabia

Live Saudi Arabia

When you plan your vacation in the magical Saudi Arabia, you will discover many amazing prospects for exploring.

Natural diversity, cultural vibrancy, and the beautiful nature will saturate your senses.

With so much of beauty surround you in the nature, you are certain to spend an awesome holiday within the Kingdom.



Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a unique and strategic location, and it is endowed with rich history of successive civilizations.

Archaeological museums with their historical holdings abound the country throughout the regions.

Local festivals and events in the Kingdom paint an unforgettable canvas of heritage and antiquity as a tribute to the wealth of civilization and history.


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