ESL Recruit offers English language teaching positions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are teachers ourselves currently working in Saudi Arabia and we are in the unique position of being able to put our teachers in the picture with regard to schools, academies, universities and English language institutions. I’m sure you’ll agree that many recruitment consultants simply don’t have enough first hand knowledge or experience of Saudi Arabia to be able to offer EFL/ESL teachers a credible, reliable service and that’s where comes in. I have taught English in various locations in both Al Baha and Riyadh since 2010. That’s me in the photo above teaching English to clerics from the vast Islamic university in Riyadh.


Published by

Mister Paul

I have been involved in the teaching and promotion of English since 1996. Before that I ran my own luxury car hire business as well as importing goods from China which included a contract from the company which supplied the steel for the Beijing National Stadium, often referred to as the "Bird's Nest". I once taught English to the staff at Mexico's famous Chivas football club.

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